Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thing 9

After looking at Thing 9's instructions, I realized that I jumped ahead on Thing 8. I didn't realize I was supposed to pick 10 of Bloglines choices only at that point. I followed the tutorial instruction all the way through to step 9, checking out various sites to look for RSS feeds, including:

Completerss.com (which apparently no longer exists)

Now I see that Thing 9 is when I was supposed to try alternate ways to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Today, I re-checked Feedster--it worked today--Yippey!!! Don't know why it didn't come up with feeds Saturday. Did anther search for feeds on Syndic8, as well. Checked out Topix and Technorati. I really like Topix the best--easiest to use, good summaries, easy to see source. Of the 4 choices, Feedster is my least favorite with what it finds. I found Technorati a bit difficult, as well--hard to find RSS symbol, went through all the tabs before discovering it only shows at Posts tab. Going back to Bloglines own search tool, I found I really liked it for its ease of use and summaries.

All in all, I found that various searches pulled up all sorts of things I might not expect. Just like searching the internet in general, you have to be careful what search terms you use.

For more Feed Search Engines, I found a huge directory on Google.


Awad said...

I was just looking at your Flickr Flash Badge and let me say you really captured the beauty of AU. Those were awesome pics!

Fantasy Booklover said...

Glad you like them