Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thing 24

This was a great assignment pointing out a very useful web app.

Zamzar was very easy to use.

Hardest part was deciding what document I had made that I wanted to use as my test for this assignment. Here's a link to my document, in case anyone's interested in downloading it:

Solve Raccoon 5 Finalized Answers Poster.pdf

This makes it so much easier to share documents and everything else (it can convert images, documents, music, and video) with others across the world. For librarians, it’s a great way to share program ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn now that some of the pdf documents I’ve found on library storytime websites were created by using this program. We, at YPL, could work at creating our own wiki with pdf files of storytimes to share.

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Judy said...

How many miligrams of Zamzar are you taking? Don't take more than the doctor prescribed