Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thing 29

This was not the funnest assignment for me. I had a very difficult time getting Scrapblog to work.

I read through their FAQ section and searched the internet for information on why I was not getting Scrapblog to work. I should have just gone back to the assignment page and clicked on their Hints and Tips Link for Scrapblog--would have had all the answers to what I ended having to do right away. I discovered that I had to enable Pop-ups, put Security on Low, make certain my Filter allowed the website, hide the bottom taskbar, so that finally all the buttons would show on the screen (or almost show--could see top of button at bottom of screen and guess what it was for, and see bottom of buttons on top of screen and again make a guess as to what they were).

Anyways, I did complete the assigment and created my own Fantasy Book Lover Scrapblog on Favorite Books and Authors. I posted to both Flickr and my blog--however, the blog posting did not work. It said that it posted it, but it didn't show up. I had to export the scrapblog pages as JPEGs to my computer, then upload them as pictures into Bloogger to post them to my blog--ANNOYING!

Uses for Scrapblog with a Library--well, the main use that comes to mind is using it to create an online scrapbook of library programs and events. Create fun advertising for the library by showing the fun from past programs.

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