Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thing 26

This was a neat assignment to do.

I like all the things at you can add to for creating your own widget. It was fun. Everything can be personalized to whatever background color you want. The background of the widget itself can be personalized to color or photo background. Very easy to use.

Here's my widget: Heads Up Display

I love the humor of their website administration, too--here's a copy of the email on accepting my application for membership:

Thank you for registering for an account at A team of 33 highly respected individuals analyzed your data and performed a thorough background check to ensure that you meet the proper requirements for becoming a member of yourminis.

We then held an anonymous vote in which, 31 of the 33 aforementioned individuals voted to accept your application (the other two were out to lunch). We had a big celebration in your honor and toasted you as our newest member.

You are now an official yourminian! Congratulations!

You now have the ability to access your personalized start page from any computer, publish your pages into the community, rate and leave comments for pages, widgets, blogs and people. You can even create your own widgets and blogs and upload them to the community.

We hope you have a wonderful experience using and tell all your friends and family to try us out. Thanks for your support - have fun!

- yourminis team

Thing 25

Another fun assignment!

Letterpop was a lot of fun to use. The only thing I found annoying about it was the the window on the side offering templates & photos floats downward when you want to scroll to see the bottom items. I liked how you could move photos around in the blocks; changing an image was a little challenging since there isn’t a delete photo option—you have to just pick another photo to drag over to that block.

I can see our library turning the Happenings at the Library into an online newsletter. Of course, the only way this would work would be to add a link to the newsletter on the library webpage—can’t actually post the newsletter itself on the webpage (as far as I could discover). You wouldn’t want to email the newsletter to everyone—the free account limits email to 10 mailings & only 25 email addresses. You would have to delete old newsletters as you can only have 10 published newsletters, too. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to use this for the Happenings…

But it’s still fun & easy to do and easy to recommend to others & to help them use it!

You can see my profile and newsletter at the following links:

Fantasy Book Lover's Profile on Letterpop

Fantasy Book Lover's Newsletter

Thing 24

This was a great assignment pointing out a very useful web app.

Zamzar was very easy to use.

Hardest part was deciding what document I had made that I wanted to use as my test for this assignment. Here's a link to my document, in case anyone's interested in downloading it:

Solve Raccoon 5 Finalized Answers Poster.pdf

This makes it so much easier to share documents and everything else (it can convert images, documents, music, and video) with others across the world. For librarians, it’s a great way to share program ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn now that some of the pdf documents I’ve found on library storytime websites were created by using this program. We, at YPL, could work at creating our own wiki with pdf files of storytimes to share.