Sunday, June 22, 2008

Comparing Facebook and Myspace

I decided that since we finally had a lesson requiring us to make a Facebook page, then I should also try out the massively popular Myspace. So I now have both a Myspace page and Facebook page. In comparing the two sites, here is what I've found:

Limits layouts--you cannot have massively creative backgrounds (or annoying backgrounds as I've seen posted by some bloggers on their blogs) Facebooks alternative is that you can add applications to your page which will add pictures. Uses applications to add anything extra to your profile page, such as: video, music, pictures, etc. You cannot add HTML or Javascript to your descriptions of yourself or interests. Allows you to join Networks--very tricky to join college networks as they require college email (really cute thing--their discontinuing the college networks [maybe all networkds] soon. I got an email address from my college alumni to be able to join the alumni college network, and as soon as I completed the network sign-up, it came up with a note that networks would soon be discontinued!) Still, it's nice that everything in your profile is clickable--you click on it & Facebook checks for other Facebook people that have that item in their profile.

Allows you to add fun, creative backgrounds. Lets you add music to your profile & vdieos. Let's you add HTML/Javascript to your entries about yourself, your interests, etc.

Allow you to find and add friends and will show your friends on your profile. Allow you to join groups (found many Library-related groups to join on both sites), but only Facebooks shows your groups on your profile page.

That's pretty much all I've found so far in my comparison.

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