Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thing 59

Great lesson for all of us librarians--and any bibliophiles out there! The Book Report Network is a great resource. I've used the site before, but never saw a link from it to the other sites connected by The Book Report Network:

Great for reader's advisory! I will definitely be using these resources again and again.

I would add that while these are great, they aren't the only reader's advisory sites. I was sadly disappointed that some of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi authors are not listed--however I know other really terrific specialized web sites for fantasy/sci-fi:
Fantastic Fiction
Sf Site
and for mystery:
Stop, You're Killing Me!
Sequels and Prequels for Romance Novels
The Romance Reader
Still looking for a really great Christian Fiction resource with many more authors than
Another great all-inclusive reader's advisory site:
Reader's Robot

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