Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thing 58

This is a good lesson to return to each year at this time for ideas for Earth Day. Of course, it can be used year round, too, to help us all live a 'greener' life.

Great sites listed in this lesson:
Going Green Matters
Daily Green
Yahoo! Green
Earthday Network
National Geographic's Green Guide
Time's Top 15 Environmental Websites

I think since Yahoo was listed, to be fair I wanted to include Google
Google Goes GreenGoogle 2008 Earth Day

Something I found using a library magazine & the web: Book Links just did an issue in March devoted to science and the environment--web connections for Green Earth Book Award, Appreciating the Wonders of Nature, and Wet and Wonderful Books About Aquatic Life can be found at:

My 'green' project at home this year is to replace all my light bulbs with the more enegy efficient bulbs. I do drive a fuel efficient car--not a hybrid (costs too much, maybe in the future if they ever lower the prices on those vehicles). Hey--why is it that healthier options for the environment and for ourselves always cost more???!!!

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