Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thing 31

This lesson definitely has some work related uses. Signing up for Plaxo was very easy. Adding events was also easy. Once I figured out that creating separate categories actually meant adding new calendars with the Share & Manage link, that was also easy. Every event from all calendars are overlayed on the 'Master Calendar', you can select/de-select calendars to view events from one calendar type at a time. Creating a task list was also simple. The hardest thing for me was subscribing to a band, TV show, or sport using I just did not notice the tab for icalshare when you open the Share & Manage link for calendars. Then, when I did find it, subscribing was somewhat difficult--the calendars I found interesting must have been obsolete--nothing was added. Finally, I just had to link to a recent calendar for the Pittsburgh Steelers--even though I couldn't care less about football.

On to the relevant uses of Plaxo: My co-workers & I could use Plaxo or Remember the Milk or Jotlet to create work calendars for ourselves, and lists of tasks needing to be completed. As a children's librarian, I created a work calendar doing just that.

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Judy said...

You spelled create wrong. You left off the e.