Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thing 32

Fun, interesting, and useful lesson. I found Omnidrive very easy to use. I really like how it works with other programs so you don't store a file there and then have to go to another website and logon into it in order to work with the file. It recognizes the file types, so when you click on it to edit, it automatically opens the correct program for editing: ZohoWriter, ZohoSheet, or SnipShot. The only logon you do is logging on to Omnidrive. Omnidive, along with editing, has easy features for sharing your file with others, publishing it, or just deleting it when you don't need it anymore.

Here's a picture enhanced with SnipShot:

And here is the original picture, unenhanced:

This is a great site to work with files to share with co-workers spread out among many library branches across a county, where everyone can work together adding their bits to the file--as long as you Share it as Read & Write (not Read Only). Makes it so if you are working on a committee where everyone can't meet face to face, they can work on a project through email this way.

I did have one problem--could not post my Zoho edited document to my blog--received a failed message when I tried. This may have been a Blogger problem though, as Blogger kept having problems--took me two tries to get each of my pictures to upload. Here is a link to my published Omnidrive text document: Mystery Program. Because I'm not really thrilled that it links to the ZohoWriter Editer Page of the document, I've saved the document as HTML, opened regular ZohoWriter, imported the HTML Document, and posted to my blog. Really wish the Post to Blog worked from Zoho on Omnidrive!

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