Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thing 32 Mystery Program Omnidrive Zoho doc

Mystery Program

Madlibfrom Scooby Doo


Mystery Picture Observation game

        Click here for great websiteto test your ability as an Eyewitness


Brain Teasers and Short Mysteries to Solve


Decode the secret message

    Good web sites for Codes & Ciphers:

             CIA's Break the Code Kids Page

         NSA's Cryptokids Page

             Secret Language Page


Mystery bag

have them guess what’s in various paper bags

then leave items out on cardboard tray to test their memory later on


Play Winking Murder Game


5:15pm—staff member comes in, steals item from mystery bag tray


Craft— Paper Hat Tricks 1

Detective/Sherlock Holmes Hat and Magnifying Glass


Take Home game---Create your own coded messages




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