Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 52

This was an interesting assignment. Clipmarks seems to have a pretty good webapp up and running. I wish you didn't have to install the button on Internet Explorer to do it, though. Once installed, I did find it easy to clip and post to the blog. I also embedded my clipcast in my blog--you can see it at the bottom of my blog page. I could clip sentences, paragraphs, images, and video, and post them directly to my blog and/or save them to my clipcast. I learned one slight bug with Clipmarks--apparently video clips can be posted to the blog but will not save correctly to a clipcast.

Library applications--I can see this as very useful for online reference work. You can send clips as answers. Great thing about the clips, too, is that Clipmarks automatically puts the source info. (website) with the clip.

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