Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 55

This was both a learning experience and fun assignment.

I had never actually made a PowerPoint Presentation before. Now I had a reason to make one, and I even had an idea on what to put in it, since I had just recently come up with a tutorial for my fellow librarians. It was easy to do--may not be the most polished presentation, but for a first time attempt, I'm happy. Now I had something to upload into SlideShare. Uploading was interesting--I know we have a fast connection, but the presentation did not upload fast. I actually ended up uploading it 3 times because it didn't seem like the uploader was working--took over 24 hours for the presentation(s) to actually upload and convert to SlideShare's coding for the web. I did find searching, embedding presentations in blog, and embedding SlideShare widgets in blog very easy to do.

I can see this as being a very useful web application to promote to people needing to do PowerPoint presentations. Great that you just put your presentation on the web and then it's available anywhere you go that has internet access.

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