Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beyond 23 Things

Alright!!! I'm at the next step after Thing 23. I'm now signed up to the feed for Library 2.1. Also, I'm listed on the Library 2.1 wiki. This wiki uses Front Page for editing--little different look, but more dressed up, too.

I even joined Explore Discover Play Ning site. Here's my page:

Well, I've got 10 steps to complete to catch up with everyone else here. Looking forward to starting them at some point. I'm going to review the first 23 things some more first. I am glad that we can move on to learn more though.

1 comment:

Barbraian said...

Was in the process of posting my blog on the 2.1 Wiki when I got interrupted-will have to do later.

You have some neat stuff on here.