Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thing 19

For this assignment, I looked at the top winner for maps: Google Maps.

It is a very good tool. I like that you can change the route it offers by clicking on the route on the map and dragging to the highway you want to use. I've always used before, but I think I'll switch to Google Maps now, and I would recommend it to others for travel directions. You can add all sorts of tools to your map search, too. I think this would be very good for use with library patrons needing travel directions.

There are so many other tools to look at--I know there are others that are also useful. We've already used some of them in previous lessons for Library 2.0, like: Technorati, Bloglines, Library Thing, Flickr, Rollyo, and That's just the awardwinners!!! Lots to see and try whenever I find the time.

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