Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thing 18

Well, I found this assignment interesting. I liked seeing all the templates for documents on ZohoWriter. I didn't like that it would not let me really resize images! Also, after publishing to my blog, I discovered that the cute emoticons do not work in blogger--oh well.

The features for ZohoWriter look pretty much like all the features you would find in Microsoft Word, and work pretty much the same way. There were just a few extras--like inserting "layer" and "anchor"--things that are obviously related to web publishing (I think). I do wish it had better Help information--All I could find was FAQ and the Forums or Contacting Zoho directly. I guess if you can't figure out something in Zoho on your own you have to post to the forum or email Zoho your problem and wait for someone to answer it.

Still, I can see how it makes good documents to share everywhere--travelling from computer to computer. And, like I said before, there are so many templates for any kind of document imaginable--much more than MS Word offers.

I really need to look at some of the other online tools out there that PLCMC pointed out on their Zoho Document.

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