Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thing 8

There really is a ton of things to learn here, and some very good tutorials.

Well, I have a bloglines account with over 10 RSS feeds. You can check my choices at:

It was annoying to me that I could not get Feedster to work--web site didn't look like the one shown in the tutorial. Problem may be because it said you should have IE7, and I have IE6. Another annoying thing was that and have RSS buttons but don't actually have any feeds running according to the computer when I tried to subscribe.

I like the one stop, fast access to news, etcetera. I think it is a good way for librarians to keep current on topics.

Thursday, July 26th--Late addition that fits this assignment--added a Bloglines subscribe to my feed for my blog button. This was not easy, took me a long while to find what my feed URL was--actually there are multiple choices:

Now, I know that it can easily be found just by typing my blog name into Bloglines subscribe to feed search. I picked the ?alt=rss feed to use for getting the button. For any interested, you find the link about adding a Bloglines button when you first login to your account and scroll down the right to Publish, Share, & Save. It's just above the Share your Blogroll link that the assignment asked us to complete if we were up to the challenge.

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