Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thing 23

I am so happy to have successfully reached this point. I love computers and usually have no trouble learning new computer applications, but I must admit that some things stumped me a bit--took looking at help pages and sometimes searching the internet for answers to problems I encountered. Just yesterday, I was helping a co-worker with her blog, and I could not get blogger to accept a photo into her profile--something that I do have on my blog and did all the 'supposedly' correct steps to put on her blog. Just like many things in life, computers & their applications sometimes have annoying bugs or other unknown problems. Of course, I may have missed some step or the problem may have been because our computer server was going up and down most of the day.

Let's see, my favorite discoveries/exercises, hmmm. Wiki would be one of my favorite discoveries. Playing with image generators would probably be my favorite exercise.

This program has definitely assisted my lifelong learning goals. I want to keep learning new things, and this certainly taught me a lot. I look forward to keeping up my learning by re-looking at many of the lessons. I hope to pick up more new Web 2.0 learning in the future.

The only thing that really took away some of the fun and made things harder at times were that some of the lessons were dated in their tutorials. They showed how to do something one way, which no longer exists today. I think that those need to be updated if anyone is available to do that.

I definitely would participate in another discovery program like this in the future. It's so helpful to have something set up that takes you from one step and application on the web to another, even with the problems of dated tutorials. It helped learn what I didn't know and should work on learning.

Well, that's all for now. I'm heading to Beyond Thing 23 now.

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