Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thing 20

There are a lot of fun videos to watch here. There are also educational videos. One thing I discovered was I didn't need to copy the embedded player code as shown in the lesson. When I clicked Share This--it only brought up the option to email the video. I went ahead and signed up for a Free YouTube Account, and then was able to use the Post Video link to directly post the video to my blog. When I looked at the edit of my post, all the coding for the embedded player is right there. Apparently, YouTube, like Flickr, now offers one step direct posting to blogs.

I like the searchability by keywords, tags, or category. I wish there was a way to search by length of video--mainly because it took a while to find a really short video to post to my blog. It does sort videos by relevance, date added, view count, and rating, though. All of which are helpful. When you find a video, you can click on its category or tags to find similar videos; you can browse related videos, see more from this user, and see playlists.

Oh, just realized the embedded code is listed on the right side--below tags & URL--just missed seeing it. Well, Post Video was just as easy to do anyways.

One of these days, I'll check out the other video sites as well:

Yahoo Videos
Google Videos

And many more sites to try at the Web's Top Video Sites review.

There are just so very many sites to watch videos on, and they include all kinds of videos, instructional to just plain fun.

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